IconLeak proudly provide you our professional custom icons design services. Please take a look at for reason why you should choose us for your project. 


Extraordinary Experience
Our unrivaled design experts will bring you an unparalleled experience. That is why we always enchant our clients into our friends.
Listen with our heart
We love to know your needs, even the tiny one because each business has its own desire need to be listened.
Top-class Quality
We craft each designs with pride and love. We only deliver works that passed our strictly standards to you. And if you are still not satisfied, we fix it until you love it.


Flexibility working style
Following your current brand guidelines, modernize your style or create from scratch depend on you. You nominate – we follow!
Affordable Pricing
We offer the best competitive pricing in the market but still guarantee top-class services for you.
Free mock-up
Free mock-up will be made for you to make sure WE are the best choice for you, not the others.


Every custom design project always follows 3 step, which are : LEARN THE NEEDS, BRING TO LIFE and DELIVER THE ACHIEVEMENTS

With each design work for a client’s project, our first priority is learning your needs. We attentively listen to, and analyze each idea and desire of you till we’ve clearly got the ideal brand, colors, perspectives, and users, etc. you wish to achieve. After we’ve been shared your aim, we move to the next step.
Once we gleaned necessary information on the size, style, and objects, etc. from you, we start bringing it to life. At first, we briefly draft them on papers. At this time, tens of rough sketches are made and that match your ideas in terms of layout, size, and perspective will be selected for rendering. If you need to see it, it’s yours. After you accepted the sketch (in case of you required to see the sketch), we start rendering and polishing them. Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop are employed for the work. After we satisfy with the results, we show the icons to you for review, and wait for your feedback.
Base on your feedback, evaluation, and adjustments, we correct these icons to meet your desire. After icons met your desire, we will export and customize the icons in the sizes required. You will receive the icons which will eventually be in formats specified

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